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Monthly Archive for July 2010

lavished by the season


We’ve reached the point of the summer where I feel absolutely lavished by the season—its hot air and its sweeping, sun-singed blue skies and its meals taken outside and its swooping fireflies and its suddenly-full hydrangea bushes and its slow-paced strolls and its thwacking flip-flops and its long nights and its melting scoops of ice cream.


And then, as if this all weren’t enough, summer, as it stands now, has this: CORN.  The corn is here!  Man, I love corn.  It’s very possibly my favorite piece of summer produce—eaten straight off the cob (conjuring, every single time, that fantastic scene in What About Bob, where Bob mmmmmmm‘s his way through Fay’s corn), shaved off the cob and eaten straight up, charred by the grill, toasted in a skillet, decadently drenched in cream.  You could say that as Bubba is to shrimp, I am to corn.  That’s quite a claim, I know—but I think it fits.


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sour cherry pie

Sour Cherry Pie

This recipe had me at first glance, which occurred on my early morning commute last Wednesday, while I sat bleary eyed in an El train’s carpeted plastic scoop seat, iPhone in hand.  As is my Wednesday morning ritual (a real midweek treat, actually), I pulled up the New York Times dining section on my phone.  I quickly spotted a link for Melissa Clark’s recipe for a twice-baked sour cherry pie.  I opened the link, swooned over the recipe and its accompanying photo, and passed the phone across the aisle to Kevin.  I took his resulting wriggling eye brows and broad grin as assent.

Sour Cherry Pie

The pie would be ours.


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can you feel it?

Grilled Soy-Glazed Chicken & Scallions

I love the days that lead up to a holiday.  There is the last minute shopping, the many cocktail parties, the cookie-baking bonanzas, and the hall-decking that precedes Christmas.  And then you have the menu planning, the pie crust stashing, the gourd shopping that portend Thanksgiving.  And don’t forget the dress-shopping, ham procuring and jelly-bean-popping that mark the days before Easter.  But, given the date, it’s the build up to the Fourth of July that I’ve got on the brain at the moment.

Grilled Soy-Glazed Chicken & Scallions

Can you feel it?


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