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Monthly Archive for August 2010

before summer is up

Blueberry Crisp

My cell phone rang on Friday as I was sitting at my desk, in my office.  I looked over at the buzzing black device and saw that it was my mother calling.  It’s unusual for her to call in the middle of a work day and a knot of worry immediately formed in my gut.

And, it turns out, it was an emergency.

Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins

A cooking emergency, that is.  She had the afternoon off from work and was busily preparing to cook dinner for a bunch of my parents’ friends that night.  She’d laid out her menu and was ticking items off her to do list, but when the time came to get started on dessert, the apple crisp she had planned no longer seemed right.  The cooler days earlier that week had given way to a return of summer temperatures.  A hot dessert—one starring autumn’s favorite fruit, no less—would not do.


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patterns & traditions

Tomato Feta Salad

We spent last weekend at Kevin’s grandmother’s house in Grand Beach—a little lakeside town just over the Indiana-Michigan border.  Grand Beach is only an hour’s drive or so from the Loop and it sits along the coastline of the same lake, but its tall, swishy, sunburned prairie grasses and its rolling hills and its fleet of golf carts, which commingle easily with cars on the roads, and its turreted vacation homes, many wrapped with wide porches, make it feel like it’s a world away from Chicago.

Grand Beach

We’ve been going to the house for one weekend a summer for a while now—long enough to develop patterns and traditions.  Kevin’s parents usually drive out on Thursday or Friday, settling in and stocking the house with groceries.  Kevin and I usually jump in the car after work on Friday, arriving just in time for a quick cocktail on the deck as the big sun sends a brilliant twinkle across Lake Michigan as it dips below the horizon.  Then, it’s off to Timothy’s, a restaurant with screened windows and a piano player.  It’s always packed on summer weekend nights.


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a month like this

Easy Sticky Buns


Easy Sticky Buns

Now that was a week.  Or two weeks?!  No, it can’t be!  But, I guess it has been.  After posting on July 15, the midpoint of the month, the balance of July proceeded to swallow me whole.  There was a lot of time at the office and then waning hours of daylight spent soaking up the warm, un-air conditioned air.  There was a trip to Cleveland for work, which involved a mediocre hotel and less-than-mediocre food.  But then, oh then, there was a trip to the mountains, to Park City in particular, for some dear friends’ wedding.


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