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Monthly Archive for September 2011

one season or the other

Whole Wheat-Olive Oil Zucchini Bread

We visited the Green City Market on Saturday morning, and I was struck by the duplicity of this time of year.  Depending which way you looked, you might’ve found yourself in one season or the other.  To your left, there’s a pile of sweet corn, pale green husks and flaxen silks stacked high—and it speaks of deep summer, of double-booked BBQs, and boat rides, and baseball.  Straight ahead, there’s a table of peppers of every hue—and they speak of late summer, Labor Day, and long, savored days.  But then, to the right, there are crates of apples, small and tart, telling of the autumn to come, multi-colored leaves, and thick sweaters, and mugs of hot cider.

Whole Wheat-Olive Oil Zucchini BreadWhole Wheat-Olive Oil Zucchini Bread

Our feet, in other words, were in two worlds: one lingering in summer, while the other stepped into fall.  In light of this, I’ve been trying to straddle the seasons.  Burgers followed by apple crisp, for instance.  Or a peach pie, preceded by a hearty stew.  But, really, I’m trying not to let summer go, to send it off too soon.  So, while the weather might call for butternuts and brussels, my mind is still dreaming of some perfect summer meals gone by.


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has my heart

berry buttermilk cake

The last few days of cooler weather and earlier sunsets have me nostalgic for the summer that’s all but slipped away.  For long nights on the deck.  For meandering walks through the neighborhood.  For fireflies and hoses and ice cream on a Wednesday evening.  There was all of that this summer, and there was a perfect weekend in the northwoods, too.  One I won’t forget soon.

Kevin and I drove from Chicago to the south shore of Lake Superior, to meet my family for a night of camping.  (Note to self: camp with my parents more often.  Their version of rustic is one that I can definitely get behind.)

campsite happy hourcampsite happy hourcampsite sunset

Then we went into Minnesota, up along the north shore of Lake Superior—the shore I know like the back of my hand.


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