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Monthly Archive for October 2011

a piece of me

Beef Stew

I cooked what felt like a million things over the weekend, and I’ll eat almost none of them.  Instead, the dishes are stashed in my parents’ freezer—a stockpile for my mother’s recovery from back surgery, which will be slow and tough for her, but (by god!) she will not be hungry.

Beef Stew

On Saturday, I chopped and simmered and stirred all day, making a spectacular mess with which my sister tried to keep up (she’s a saint).  I was on my feet for hours and hours, at my mother’s stove, her counter, her sink, using her knives, her pots and pans, her pantry ingredients.  All the while, she was in bed.


Kristin at The Kitchen Sink in Beef,Recipe,Soup on October 18 2011 » 16 comments

profoundly right

Pumpkin-Bourbon Ice Cream

After a week’s worth of 70- to 80-degree October days, I’ve finally settled on the perfect solution for this unseasonal weather.

It’s this: Pumpkin Ice Cream.

With bourbon, naturally.

Pumpkin-Bourbon Ice CreamPumpkin-Bourbon Ice Cream

There is something deeply odd about wearing flip flips for a stroll through the crunchy leaves that are quickly lining Bucktown’s sidewalks.  Likewise, I’m having a hard time reaching for my sundresses over my sweaters.  And all I want to eat is the produce that peaked a while ago, leaving brussels and gourds in its wake.


Kristin at The Kitchen Sink in Dessert,Recipe on October 10 2011 » 21 comments