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Monthly Archive for June 2012

in that kitchen

fresh-squeezed lemonade

As it turns out, moving is some difficult business. After five years in our old place, we moved about a month ago, in a weekend that re-defined exhaustion. We’d spent the prior weeks slowly packing up our place—each glass, every book, all those pairs of shoes—into boxes. We hired men to actually move those boxes (I was 7-months pregnant, after all), but the real work began when we arrived at our new place. We’ve been unpacking and settling in since we arrived—going on four weeks now. With the help of Kevin’s parents and my parents (and those burly movers), most of the work was behind us after the first two weekends. Since then, we’ve been filling in the gaps here and there.

fresh-squeezed lemonade

In my real estate history, five years is a long time. Aside from childhood homes, I’ve never lived anywhere nearly that long. So, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the big, hot tears on my cheeks when, over this past weekend, Kevin and I picked up a few final things from our old place, left our keys on the kitchen counter and said goodbye. In my rush to sell that place (Not enough room for the baby! Too many stairs!), I seemed to have forgotten how much I had loved it, and how much life—and what a good one—we had lived there.


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