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Monthly Archive for September 2012

eat as three

Stuffed Peppers with Farro & Summer Squash

Somehow, in the blink of an eye, Avery is six weeks old.  Her one month birthday has come and gone; she’s sleeping for longer stretches; her face breaks into smiles when we talk to her; and she has started cooing, finally making our conversations at least quasi-two-sided.  These have been some crazy times—at times I’ve felt crazy, but mostly I’m in awe of how crazy wonderful it is to get to know Avery and to enjoy our little family.  My days, in large part, revolve around feeding Avery, but I’ve been slowly returning to feeding us, too.  Finding my way back into the kitchen hasn’t been quick and it’s not always easy, but it is so, so good to be there.

Stuffed Peppers with Farro & Summer Squash

As I mentioned in my last post, we had a lot of help in the early days.  When we got home from the hospital, my mom was staying with us; armed with a fistful of recipes, she put dinner on the table for us every night.  She gradually coaxed me into the kitchen to help her in small ways, knowing how comforted I would feel to be there—at first, I simply whisked the salad’s vinaigrette; a few days later, I slowly stirred the risotto while perched on a stool; eventually, I made a batch of garlic bread, from start to finish, to sop up the pasta that my mom had made.  We also relied on friends and family who dropped off food, and that kindness helped me back into the kitchen, too.  I sliced the tomatoes to top the bagels that Patty and Ryan brought over.  I heated up the vegetable gratin that Emily delivered.  I took a tip from Kevin’s mom and doctored up some baked chicken she had brought us with a splash of white wine and a squeeze of lemon before I reheated it.  I took help from myself, too, warming up the soups and pastas and such that I had frozen while we waited for Avery to arrive.


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